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FINRA tells you to call your primary point of contact with questions.  But when you do, they won't give you specifics on how to meet your regulatory requirements.  And, let's face it -- There are some questions that you know would be a really bad idea to ask your regulator.
Well, now you can get specific advice from a former government and SRO regulator with 18 years of experience and feel confident that any question you ask won't come back to haunt you. SRC can give you options and real solutions for a reasonable cost.
Here's how it works: E-mail SRC using the link below. Ask your question via e-mail or put a contact name and number on the e-mail and I'll call you. When your answer is ready, you'll get an e-mail back with a link to SRC's PayPal account and the fee for time spent on research and discussion of your issue.  Once PayPal confirms payment, you'll get an e-mail back or a phone call from SRC with real answers, real solutions, and real help.
No long term contracts.  No commitments. And no red flags for a regulator.
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